Psychotherapy & Psychological Services

Coping with Society’s Stress

Life should be simple. We live in stressful times. We often need to develop new coping strategies. As society ups-the-ante with ever increasing demands and technology to master, we are left with tools that may have worked at one time in the past but don’t always work now. Psychotherapy is personal consultation designed to overcome obstacles in our lives, providing new ways of looking at things, and managing circumstances that cannot be changed. Psychotherapy provides insight and offers change, and in many circumstances, fosters personal growth. Although individuals think of therapy as providing a fix for one problem, often the process of therapy enriches many other aspects of a person’s life.

My Approach

There are many schools of psychotherapy and counseling. My intervention reflects a top-down approach. What do I mean by a top-down approach? After an initial assessment, we set specific goals. We use the simplest therapeutic method to solve the problem(s), proceeding to more complex treatment strategies if necessary until the issues are resolved. An initial approach might be a practical, educational intervention. If this is only partially successful, a behavioral treatment approach is used. Going to the next level is a cognitive approach, followed by psychodynamic and/or family-of-origin work. Sometimes medication is a good idea, and we evaluate that need over the course of treatment.

Do I Need Psychotherapy?

Do you have feelings (like sadness, anger), behaviors you’re engaging in (like drinking too much, spending too much, dating the wrong people, saying the wrong things), or thoughts (like obsessive thoughts, guilt, inability to concentrate) that are troublesome? Have you tried to correct them on your own or with a friend, and it hasn’t helped that much? Is it interfering with daily activities, getting things done, or wasting your time? If you’ve answered mostly yes to these questions, then an consultation might be helpful.

What are other psychological services?

In addition to psychotherapy, psychological testing, career counseling, and training seminars of various mental health topics are available. Psychological testing includes personality assessment, ADHD assessment (adults and children), IQ testing, and brief educational evaluations for learning disability. Forensic evaluation services are also offered for child custody evaluations, competency/sanity evaluations, and criminal risk assessment. Click here for more information on Forensic (legal) Evaluations.

Is Therapy Expensive?

Rates vary by area of the country, by experience level of the therapist, and the educational degree of the therapist. If you’re employed, some or all of your costs may be covered by your health insurance plan. Also, if you work for a large company, you might have an Employee Assistance Program that might be helpful.

Is This Private?

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Life should be simple!