Dr. Joe Peraino is an experienced clinical psychologist specializing in two areas of practice: forensic evaluations and psychotherapy.

Forensic psychology services include Psychological Evaluation and Testing and Parent Responsibility Evaluation. Services are provided for family, criminal, juvenile and immigration courts. Click here for more information.

Therapy services help you deal with feelings and behaviors that may be slowing you down. Dr. Joe’s therapy philosophy centers around the power of relationships in people’s lives. International studies consistently show that a person’s happiness is primarily determined by the quality of their relationships. This is not only true in our personal lives. People work better in teams and when they have positive relationships with their boss and co-workers. When people are happy at home, they bring that happiness to work and work harder with fewer distractions from their personal lives: less illness and doctors appointments and higher productivity. Most stresses come from incorrect attitudes about work and life, lack of feeling in control, and an inability to communicate effectively.
Dr. Joe’s ability to help people gain perspective and communicate well makes him highly qualified to help people change their thinking, change their behaviors, and identify personal goals. He believes there are simple life principles that guide us to a happy existence.

Life should be simple!